How to Merge Facebook Pages With Different Names – 2020

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merge facebook pages with different names
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How to Merge Facebook Pages With Different Names – 2020

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Chathuka. And in this post, we’ll be talking about the Facebook merge process. Essentially, what you’ll learn in this process is how to combine a Facebook page with another Facebook page. So combining two Facebook pages together using the Facebook merge process, everything you need to know about the Facebook merges process and what happens using this process, all the frequently asked questions that you might be thinking as you’re watching this video, and also my results of using the Facebook merge process many, many times even taking you over one live result in this video to show you that this process is possible, so make sure that you stick around to the very end of this video so you can gain all this rich and valuable information’s, make sure you also like this video if you love it, and subscribe for more videos just like this. So let’s go ahead and begin the Facebook merge process.

So for today’s example, we are going to be using again, Dawn, my good friend. And also we’ve worked together in the past when I managed the marketing department for a mortgage bank, and she has two Facebook business pages already, one with about 600 likes. Now, this is the new one that we created a brand new page using the Facebook migration process. And then her second page, which is the page that she’s been using for a very long time, has about 200 likes and this is the page that also has all of her information, her posts, her reviews, and all that good stuff that she’s built over the years.

So we’re gonna merge both of these pages together in this example and then show you the results of that and what we’ve been able to achieve from utilizing the merge process along with the Facebook migration process. So to begin this process, just go to the Facebook merge link. I’ll have it displaying on the screen. It’s also in my description, but you can also access it from various different places. You can go on your business page, click on settings, scroll down a little bit and there you see Merge Pages. You can also Google this, Facebook merge, and Facebook has an article essentially, about how youkan utilize this process, requirements of this process, things to know about this process. So there are various ways to get to this. Then once you get to this page, all you have to do is select both the pages that you wanna merge together, select the first page and then select the second page and click Continue. Then from here, the dialogue will tell you, this is the page that you’re keeping and this is the page that you’re merging, do you wanna continue? And then you click Continue and now you’ve completed the Facebook merge process. Wow, it’s simple right? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple because this is the perfect scenario and I swear that thesis never how it happens. Now, the process can take about three to five business days. I’ve had some of them happen instantly like the day after, but it is a process and what mean by that is the process that you just saw is the perfect process, where there are no errors, nothing went wrong, it did it with what we wanted to, we kept the old page which had all the data, all the posts, all the reviews, all the information from years of using the page, we kept that one and we just merged the brand new page that had all the likes into that page. That is what we wanted so, yay. But there was a lot of things that we left out of this process that I’m going to get into right now that you need to be aware of, because I’ve done this process many, many times, and I’ve seen it all. So some of the things that you will experience are when you click on Continue to continue with the merge process Facebook somehow determines what page that you will keep and what page you will lose in the merge. Now, I don’t know how they set that up. Essentially, what I’ve heard from our discussions with Facebook is that they will keep the page with the most amount of likes, which means they will keep the page that is the newest page and then you’ll lose the older page that has all the data, all the posts, all the reviews and things like that, which is normally what you do not want to happen because you lose those things.

So you wanna make sure that you keep those. When I got into that scenario that I did not want, I directly reached out to Facebook and was like, “Hey, I am losing the page that I wanna keep, can you please keep the page, this page and then delete the one that adjusts the migration for, because that was the whole point of the process.” And so by reaching out to them and manually submitting the request, a merge request through Facebook, I was able to get that approved. If you do not see your pages during the merge requests that means that you need to be the owner of both the pages you’re trying to merge because you can’t merge pages that you don’t own. So once you’re the admin for both pages or the page owner, or if they are connected to a Business Manager, make sure that you are either in that Business Manager as an admin or the creator of the Business Manager to make sure that you can actually merge pages because you own them. So keep that in mind, Facebook will not allow you to merge pages that you do not own, because they’re not yours. The frequently asked questions, the part we’ve all been waiting for because the process is never perfect. There are always things that come up, every person’s situation is different. So this might work for the average person, but depending on your circumstances, your account, and your restrictions, you will have some questions about this process. The first question that we probably will get is, “Pages don’t match, it won’t let me complete the merge process.” Well, that is why you have to make sure that all the information, from phone numbers, websites, email address names, even the banner art, everything should be exactly the same. Why? Because Facebook needs to know that they are merging two of the exact same businesses together. So the people are following this business obviously likes this business for what they have going on, it could be a car dealership. So this page is also about car dealerships, it’s the exact same business, maybe a different branch. And now we wanna merge these two together because they fall in the exact same category. If you’re trying to merge a car dealership with a beauty salon, they aren’t the same.

So Facebook would not allow that. So you have to make sure that businesses are exactly the same and all the information is exactly the same. When I was doing Dawn’s actually gave me an error saying that the addresses didn’t match up. So I physically had to go into her account and modify the address to make the merge process happen. And when I was doing this process map on her page did not update, even though I had the correct address the map was showing incorrectly. And so that’s when I knew there’s some type of issue with the Facebook technology because the map is not updating. So I had to close down my browser and log out her account and all these different things, reset my computer, I think I changed the address to a different state and then went back and changed it to the original one, just to have the map refresh and then once the map refreshed into the exact address that the other business was at then I was able to complete the merge process. So you have to make sure that everything is exactly the same.

So let’s say you’re a business and you have multiple branches that you wanna merge into one corporate branch, you can do that, but you can merge three pages into one, you have to do it one by one. So you have to complete this process over, and over, and over again. And definitely make sure that they’re all part of the same business. So you’ve maybe been waiting for a few days or weeks, you haven’t heard anything back yet that the process hasn’t, you still have two pages, what is going on? Well, the merge process didn’t go through. What I recommend is going back to the merge page, going to that Facebook link and seeing if you can request another Facebook merge.

If you can, then that means the process did not go through, because if there is still pending merge request, this page will say there’s pending merge request you cannot request another merge. So if it’s available to you, then you know the process didn’t go through and you got to repeat it again. I don’t know why the process didn’t go through, it’s just technology.

Sometimes things happen. But you know that the process is still there for you, so go ahead and just do it again. So you got denied the Facebook merge process, well, that’s okay, all you have to do is read the denial letter that they sent you via email. And in that email, you’ll get a couple of things, tasks, essentially, that you can do to then get approved for the Facebook merge process. So I just highly recommend that you read through that email, see what they want you to do and then get those completed, send that back to Facebook, go through the merge process again, and then you’ll get approved. Now let’s go over a real-life experience and show you the results of completing a merge request because when I did this for Dawn, let me tell you it took a while, it took three weeks. And when I originally put in the merge request, nothing happened for like four to five days. And she was like, “What’s going on?” And so I checked her account by going to the merge process again and it was available. So I was like, “It didn’t go through, I’ll put it in again.” I put it in again and then the same thing happened, nothing went through.

So I went back to the page and then it said that I had a pending request and I could not do it. So I was like, “Okay, it’s been a while, it normally takes like, two to three days for me. And nothing’s happening.” So I had to call Facebook, essentially, their concierge service that I have because I have a Business Manager account that spends money and talked to somebody and they’re like, “Yeah, we’re still working on it. I’ll put another request through to let them know that it’s an urgent request and then we’ll let you know.” That one got denied because the names weren’t similar. So we had to go through a name change request, essentially, and put that new name in so the names matched. Names got denied and they told us that we had to make a post, essentially saying to her audience she’s changing her name to a different name. Once she made that post we shared the post link to Facebook, they then approved the name request. And I then reached out to Facebook again, because I still had the pending merge request going through. So I called Facebook again and I was like, “Hey, I just got approved the name request that now meets the requirements of why we got denied for the merge request. Can we put the merge request back into the process, and these are the accounts and I wanted to get linked up.” And they’re like, “Okay,” they put the request in manually. And then about five days later, we got that approved. So it is a process.

It can sometimes be a little bit challenging, going back and forth trying to figure out, did it work yet? Did it work yet? Did it work yet? It can work, it takes time, it’s a process, there’s going back and forth. So don’t pull your hair out about it. Don’t get mad that it might take a little bit longer because it is a process. So I do not recommend this for everybody, even though we expected to get about 800, based on the stats that we saw, you have to keep in mind that some of the friends that she had in the accounts matched so those don’t really add up, they’re the exact same person. So she only really had about a difference of 30 to 40people new in this merger. So the number that you see as an increased in likes are going to be just from the new people that we got from the merge process. But keep in mind that her original Facebook page only had about 200 likes. So by doing the migration process, now we’ve increased her page likes by about 400. We were able to keep all of her content, all of her reviews, all the information that she’s been able to build over the years by having this page but then grow her reach in a couple of weeks by the migrating her personal page into a business page and then using the merge process to merge everything together, so she was able to grow her audience by 400 people which will then be able to give her more leverage when it comes to creating content for her business and in potentially even reaching more people because she now has a bigger audience.

So overall, I highly recommend utilizing the Facebook migration process and the Facebook merge process, which is what you learned in this post. Utilize this process, take advantage of them while you can. I don’t know if they’ll last forever but these processes are amazing to use together. so you can watch my video below to get more idea about the Facebook page merge.

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