Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Specs

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Specs

Samsung galaxy s 20 ultra 5G this is a phone I’ve had since the day it released and I’ve been using it on and off and for the most part, I really like it has some really great things about it but it also has somethings that aren’t so great so we’re going to go over the good in the bad and if you want to know all of the different specs and things I’m not going to talk about those specifically in this post but I did do an unboxing with all of that information now the first the thing that’s great about this is its display this is easily the best display on the market it’s super vibrant it goes really bright and you can really bring it up in brightness has great blacks and great bright whites its HDR and also it has 120 Hertz and as you can see I have set up basically what looks like the pixel launcher and it’s super-fast and smooth if you have that option turned on but you can turn that off and bump the resolution as well it’s just not an option to do both you can’t have high-resolution and the some 120 Hertz at the same time whether or not they make that an option in the future it’s hard to say but you’ll see you have high refresh rate or standard refresh rate to get better battery life and you have both options but you can’t do one or the other with the higher resolution here of screen resolution so I can’t go to the higher mode if I apply it will change it so I’m at the standard refresh rate so that’s not a huge deal for me but I love the display itself and think it’s great now the next thing is the speed of the device it’s super-fast it’s got a QUALCOMM snapdragon 865 and this model has 12 gigabytes of RAM.

so you can pin apps into memory if you want to pin settings and keep it open for quick launching you can do that you can pin up to 3 apps it’s just super-fast all of the time I’ve had no slowdowns whatsoever and it’s great for playing games and things like that and that leads me into the sponsor of this video raid Shadow Legends raid Shadow Legends really shows off what the s20 display can do and this game looks amazing we’ll go into a battle here and this is a turn-based strategy game if you haven’t seen it so we’ll just go into this battle and let it plays out when you log in you get daily reward points and here’s what it looks like so I’ve got it on auto so you can see.

so I don’t have to focus too much right now but I have four different characters and the game looks amazing if you love turn-based strategy games that this game is definitely worth a try and now the daily log in a rewards program for new players has been doubled from 90 to180 days each day you can claim free rewards from energy refills silver and gems to shards and more if you want to check it out for yourself click the linking the description below and if you’re a new player you’ll get 100,000 silver and the free champion hex Weaver be sure to check it out in the description below and thanks again to Rage shadow legends for sponsoring this video now when you’re playing games one of the most important things is not only how it performs but also how it sounds and the speakers on the s20 ultra are really quite good they go nice and loud and if you’re watching a video here’s a Hydride of mine on YouTube if you’re watching a video I’ll turn the sound up the stereo sound is great it’s nice and clear it’s loud the sound is really immersive and it sounds really great Samsung did a really great job on these speakers and they’re just as good as say an iPhone 11Pro Max they do sound a little bit different but they are equally as loud I would say the 11pro Macs are just a hair better as far as clarity but these go maybe a little bit louder depending on how you’re testing it now the next thingies it runs Android 10 it’s running the latest version of Android 10 and in the past this has been a bad thing for Samsung and the reason I say this is because the updates have been slow to come in but as you can see right now the latest update was just a day or two ago so if I go to download and install they’re getting regular updates monthly so we’re getting monthly updates with monthly security patches and I expect a new update within the next few days to bring us up to the April security patch so they’re guaranteeing that for at least a few years and we’ve got updates on our Samsung phone to make us nice and current with security but also occasionally give us new features with one when things like that the next positive or good thing is build quality the build quality of the s20 ultra 5g is up there with iPhone 11 Pro max and any other high-end flagship phone, in fact, it’s the same or better than anything else.

out there Samsung has really nailed the radius of these curves now the screen is pretty perfect you don’t have accidental touches or anything and just the overall feel and quality of construction is just another level so the design itself is fairly subjective whether or not you like this giant camera bump but in general it’s hard to argue that this is not a very solid and well-built phone of course it’s glass on the back and front it should be durable but in general itis glass so it can shatter so I would recommend a case for something like that but it is a fingerprint magnet it looks good maybe if they had some other colours I’d be a little happier with it may be a blue or a red for this particular model but in general, it’s a solid phone and it’s really well built Tso Samsung did a great the job here now the next positive thing or good thing is the camera on this phone has great photos in fact here are some photos that I took outside in a comparison with the iPhone 11 Pro Max and it’s got great quality the problem comes in and this is the first bad thing is with the focus tends to hunt a lot with video and if you don’t pinpoint a location to record so if I don’t tap and hold to kind of lock the focus it will hunt back and forth when you’re recording video from time to time now they were supposedly supposed to fix this but this has the latest patch and it really did not make much of a difference but when you get a photo or a video or even night mode like you can see here I really prefer it over the 11pro max when it comes to night mode the colours were actually more accurate and many of the tests I did with this phone as compared to that 11 Pro max so I was really surprised by that but I think it’s a great phone nonetheless for its cameras and you have a ton of options but that 100 X zoom that’s pretty gimmicky it’s very blurry I think they should have just said it has great optical zoom up to 30x and left it at that so you do have other options as well as a time-of-flight sensor that you really can’t do a whole lot with right now but maybe you will see some interesting things in the future now the next negative thing is that it comes with pre-installed apps that you may not want especially Facebook so you’ll see Facebook here let me switch back to the one you I quickly and if we go to Facebook and press and hold on it we can only disable it we can’t uninstall it without changing some of the settings or routing it so it’s one of those things where it’s not a horrible thing but I really wish it wasn’t installed and whether or not that data is being given to Facebook and things I would just disable it in general or it’s just too bad that they install that, to begin with now the next bad thing is price this is an extremely expensive phone starting at about $1400 and going up from there now there are less expensive options with the s20 chipset and most of the things in here but you will not get this configuration with its huge 5,000 milliamp-hour battery for under 1,400unless you get a discount and to only have it supported for about three years with software updates at that price it’s a lot to ask but many times you can get discounts for this and they’ll buy it back after two years for 50% of its costs hopefully the values will stay up this time with this particular device now speaking of that 5,000 milliamp-hour battery this is the next bad thing that’s fairly subjective and depends on how you use your device so if you have that 120 Hertz display turned on it’s going to use a lot more power than if you didn’t use it so if you want to limit the power that it’s using you turn that off but if you’re using it you’ll still get through the day and that’s not too much of an issue for most people, it does have fast charging and fast wireless charging.

but if you need to get through the day turn that off you’ll easily get a couple days out of it usually, if you don’t have the hundred and twenty Hertz display on if you do have that display on well expect maybe six hours of screen on time so you’ll see battery usage here over the past few days it just depends on how I’ve been using it is really dependent on what you’re doing I use a lot of social media that’s really going to change how the battery behaves but you also have optimized power modes in high-performance modes so depending on what you’re using here really depends on what battery life you’re going to get if you have adaptive power settings on you’ll probably get the best and it can also turn off 5g so if you’re using 5g the idea of 5g is great but it does consume a lot more power so just keep that in mind I don’t think 5g is ready for most carriers such as Verizon with millimetre-wave that’s only in a specific street corners and blocks in the United States in specific cities so New York City for the example you might have it on a few street corners whereas in some other cities you may have no coverage but if you have sub six you do have good coverage I had pretty good coverage here so it just depends on what you’ve got and what your carrier is now the next negative thing is fairly subjective and that is size this is a gigantic phone and so to use this day today for me is fine. I have huge hands no problems whatsoever but for some people, it’s going to be a huge phone it’s a two-handed phone for notifications and compared to something like an iPhone 11Pro Maxx for example if you’ve seen one of those that gives you an idea or maybe pixel for Excel you’ve got that next to it and this does have a case on it and Samsung’s cassette accessories are really quite nice this is an LED case that’s powered off the rear coil in this and it just notifies you with LEDs it’s pretty neat but this is a huge phone so that gives you an idea pixel for XL and iPhone 11 Pro Max and the s20 ultra 5g in the middle it’s giant and it definitely needs a case because it’s super slippery so that’s why I have this on here it’s kind of a rubberized case and if you pre-ordered this or you buy it from Samsung they usually give you some extras with it now as far as anything else well I don’t really have a whole lot of other negatives to say about it things like the fingerprint sensor that was a problem for me on thes10, for example, are not a problem for me on this you’ve got neat accessories and the only negative for me personally is the lack of a headphone jack but I know that’s not a big deal for most people and you can use the USP C adapter or Galaxy buds or any other wireless headphones.

so that’s not really an issue it has phenomenal front-facing rear-facing cameras decent battery life depending on how you’re using it and it’s highly recommended but there are some things that are not so great that camera focus is a big deal I really think they should have kept the dual pixel autofocus as they did on the S 20 and 20 plus but for whatever reason, they didn’t most of the time it works fine for photos I just noticed the pulsing of the camera during the video so that can be an issue the 8k video is kind of gimmicky at its framerate but 4k video is pretty good I still don’t think it’s better than iPhone video but for photos, many people will prefer the photos out of the s20Ultra over any other phone personally I prefer photos out of the pixel so it just depends on what your preference is but this is still a great phone nonetheless.

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